By Laura Moore

Sometimes it's really hard to be positive.

I've not only made it my resolution pretty much every year of my life, but I've tried to make it my mission, my mantra, my battle cry.

When I feel negative energy building inside of me. I force myself to step back. I force myself to sit down. I force myself to breathe. 

And then I run my mind through all of the reasons I should be thankful. I think about all of the people who are enduring far worse things than I am. I think about how lucky I am in the grand scheme of grand schemes. 

I grit my teeth. I make myself smile. I force myself to keep on keeping on.

It's not a big deal, I say: deal with it. Lots of people get sick. Lots of people are taking care of sick babies. Lots of people have bad skids, but it will all pass. At least nothing is serious. You will all be able to move on. You have problems with a light at the end. 

Some people would give anything to have that. 

So accept the help your family offers, eat your chicken noodle soup and cuddle your baby. Take your medicine, make the most of the sleep you do get, and look toward the light. It's there even if you are too frustrated to see it. 



11/11/2016 10:35am

It is often said that if we think positive we will gain positive or some people also said that if we do good then it will come good to us. This saying is very effective in my practical life and would be helpful for all if we keep this in our minds.


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